Welcome to HeritageModa! We help you define your style with unique, environment friendly heritage art scarves. The limited edition handcrafted scarves have a timeless design, are made of natural fabrics.

We work with the artisans of Indian Himalayan hills, niche handloom cooperative societies, fair trade partners, and women-owned small businesses who employ artisans. This approach helps artisans promote their hand-crafted treasures, learn about contemporary designs and modern ways-of-working while still using traditional crafts, and carry forward their legacy.

You can have complete confidence in our fabrics, as they have undergone extensive testing in top-tier textile laboratories to ensure their exceptional quality.

Signature SCARVES

We specialize in Cashmere Pashmina scarves, which are handwoven in traditional looms using Changthangi Pashmina fiber - finest Grade A Cashmere accounting for less than 0.1% of the global Cashmere production. 

Traditionally given as heirloom gifts by royalty to their wives & nobility, these scarves hold a special place because of the finesse in their craftsmanship and the use of rare, fine Pashmina fiber (also known as Soft Gold).

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Deepali Nainwal

Thank you for visiting HeritageModa. I am really delighted to welcome you to our world of heritage art scarves.

I come from India and have mostly worked in big corporates in the technology space and have led large digital transformation initiatives. However, deep in my heart, I am a true handmade textile art enthusiast and enjoy collecting unique heritage accessories from different parts of the world. The story behind any handmade textile art has always fascinated me and this has also been my motivation to start this venture. 

The authenticity of the craft and fabric are my paramount criteria when buying products for personal use. And I want to ensure the same for the products we offer to our customers. Hence, I carefully verify the fabric quality as well as the credentials of all our artisans and handloom cooperatives who are creating these products for us.

We will continue adding exciting, unique scarves and heritage accessories so that you enjoy coming back again and again.

I hope that you have a great shopping experience with us.