About Us

Welcome to HeritageModa ! We  are a small business which focuses on Ethical , Timeless fashion accessories. We stand for lasting quality and not for trends, for natural and not for artificial. 

We work directly with the artisans from hilly and difficult to access parts of India to bring you unique experiences through our products. HeritageModa helps create more income for the artisans by promoting genuine handicrafts which are currently affected by cheap, machine made look-alikes. 

Our products  are highly appreciated by those who have a keen eye for art and who really care about authenticity. 

We have deliberately chosen a small catalogue of products as we believe that “Less is More” and that Timeless Fashion outperforms any fads. Some of the product types we have are extremely rare. For instance, for Pashmina collections we use Changthangi Pashmina - the softest Cashmere which accounts for less than 0.1% of the global Cashmere production. It’s obtained by combing the hair of Changthangi goats, which are  found at an altitude 400 m higher than the highest point in Europe !

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your experience at www.heritagemoda.com. And we look forward to any feedback and suggestions. We are also happy to collaborate and work on any customized orders. For any questions please contact us at  contact@heritagemoda.com.