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Getting to know us

Welcome to HeritageModa! We are a niche business which focuses on selling artisanal scarves made from natural fabrics adorned with handmade art. Inspired by India's rich cultural heritage, our handmade products represent the finest handicraft skill which, sadly, is disappearing with time.

We work directly with the artisans from Himalayan hills and small cooperative societies to bring you unique experiences through our products. HeritageModa helps create more income for the artisans by promoting genuine handicrafts which are currently affected by cheap, machine made look-alikes.

Our products  are highly appreciated by those who have a keen eye for art and who really care about authenticity. 

We have deliberately chosen a small catalogue of products as we believe that “Less is More” and that Timeless Fashion outperforms any fads. Some of the product types we have are extremely rare. For instance, for Pashmina collections we use Changthangi Pashmina - the softest Cashmere which accounts for less than 0.1% of the global Cashmere production. It’s obtained by combing the hair of Changthangi goats, which are  found in Eastern Ladakh (India) at an altitude 400 m higher than the highest point in Europe !

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your experience at And we look forward to any feedback and suggestions. We are also happy to collaborate and work on any customized orders. For any questions please contact us at


Support Artisan Community (e.g. Spinners, Weavers)  and ensure they get fair pay for their work

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Choice of Materials by using only natural fabrics

Bringing back timeless fashion


The story behind any handmade art has   always fascinated Deepali. During her   travels, within India as well as   internationally, she enjoys visiting local   handicraft corners to become aware of the   unique art forms (especially on the fashion   side )  and has ensured to buy unique   fashion art souvenirs.
The idea from being just a consumer to becoming a promoter of such fashion arts struck when she realized how under appreciated some of the unique Indian handicrafts are and how machines are replacing artisan's crafts and how the market is getting flooded with imitation products. All of this is forcing artisans to quit their skilled art and get into unskilled professions to earn their daily wage. At HeritageModa, we want to help revival for dying arts so that artisans have enough motivation to pass on these skills to their next generation.