Why Linen Scarves Are Great For The Summer?

Are you looking for an easy way to style and add a pop of colour to your muted or neutral coloured outfit? Then wear a linen scarf for a relaxed, fuss-free look. Be it summer, autumn, monsoon or even the beginning of winter, a linen scarf will never disappoint. It is an ideal material that allows the fabric to breathe and lets the air circulate easily without making you feel stuffy and irritated. A linen scarf gets softer with use, making it easier to carry and wear. 

Benefits of Wearing Linen During Summer 

Coral Pink Linen Summer Scarf
  1. Breathable: Linen is a highly breathable fabric and hence great to wear in summer.  In summer,  unbreathable clothes not only make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable but also create a thriving environment for bad bacterial growth on the skin.

  2. Moisture-free: Linen fabric will quickly absorb sweat and keep you dry. 

  3. Durable: Linen is a strong fabric, which gets softer with each wash or use.

How To Wear Linen Scarves During The Summer

Here are a few situations where your linen scarf will come in handy. 

  1. In highly air-conditioned offices, movie theatres, or shopping malls, your scarf can provide a protective layer to keep you a little warm Wear it around your neck - to provide a pop of colour and accentuate your outfit.
  2. While many think of a scarf as a layer that needs to be draped on your shoulders, a linen scarf can also act as a functional head scarf to protect you from harsh sun rays. Since linen is lightweight and breathable, it can be used in multiple ways.

Linen scarves are available in many colours and patterns; wearing them on any outfit will compliment your overall look. While jewellery is a prominent accessory, scarves are an underrated but compelling accessory. Linen scarves can also be mixed and matched with linen or cotton clothes - to amplify effortless and chic style.

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