How to clean and store your Cashmere Pashmina?

Cashmere Pashmina is synonymous with Soft Gold. It is obtained from the wool of  different breeds of Cashmere goats. It is naturally shed and is entirely hand woven and hand processed. Being a delicate fabric it requires some care and attention while cleaning.

There are certain processes to be followed while cleaning a Cashmere Pashmina Shawl to maintain its warmth and longevity. 

Usually, a high-quality dry cleaning is the best method of taking care of your soft Cashmere Pashmina. However in cases when Cashmere Pashmina is undyed or dyed with single colour or coloured with botanical dyes a good quality mild detergent such as or “The laundress wool and cashmere shampoo “ can be used. Prefer spot cleaning to remove stains such as ink, coffee, wine, tea, blood, or any other old stain. Spot cleaning is also effective in removing specific areas with dirt, grease, oil, and makeup as well.

A Cashmere Pashmina shawl is not an ordinary piece of clothing. It is so soft, delicate, warm, and beautiful to wear that one wants to preserve it and pass it on to generations. And hence it requires proper care and handling. To retain the color and texture of your Pashmina shawls and wraps, keep the following tips in mind (specifically if you choose to hand-wash and your care label instructions allow for hand-wash).

Follow these simple steps to make your Cashmere Pashmina as good as new.

Step 1
Hand washing is the best and safest method to wash your natural undyed Cashmere Pashmina or botanical dyed Cashmere Pashmina. Add 2 cupfuls of wool & Cashmere shampoo in a tub or washbasin filled with warm water. Use baby shampoo or any other paraben-free shampoo if you are unable to find Cashmere shampoo. Baby shampoos are mild, gentle, and free of strong chemicals. Always use lukewarm water to wash your Pashmina as scorching hot water can cause shrinkage.

However, we strongly recommend dry cleaning of Pashmina shawls if they have some kind of artwork or embroidery done on them.

Step 2
Mix the detergent thoroughly in water. Make sure the detergent does not have colorful bits as this might cause bleeding of color.

Step 3
Submerge the pashmina in the mix and gently agitate it for 2-3 minutes. Soak for up to 20 minutes. If a particular spot on your Cashmere Pashmina has stains, add extra shampoo on that particular spot and give it a gentle rub. Cashmere Pashmina needs the utmost care as it is sensitive to water temperature and agitation. It can shrink if not treated properly.

Step 4
After 20 minutes of gentle soak, rinse the Cashmere Pashmina well under running cool water until the water is no longer foamy. Or, you can even soak the Pashmina again in clean, cooler water to remove the residue, detergent, dirt, and grime. Though this method is less likely to abrade the cashmere yarns, it has to be repeated again and again with clean water until the entire detergent has been rinsed away and there is no soapy residue left.

Step 5
Always remember the golden rule "do not wring” while drying your Pashmina, instead press the water out of the shawl. Lay your Pashmina flat on a clean towel or place it on a drying rack so that its original shape is not distressed. Roll the shawl up in the towel just like a sleeping bag to remove excess water.

Step 6
When drying, avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, such as the radiator, because they can yellow, shrink, or damage woolens.

Never hang a wet Pashmina. We recommend steaming for removing wrinkles to get the best and safest finish. Pashmina is a very delicate fabric and it should not be exposed to direct heat. It doesn't generally require ironing. If you want a crisper look, then you need to cover it with a cloth and iron the garment at a low temperature

Step 7
How to store Cashmere Pashmina
After cleaning, fold your Cashmere Pashmina product and store it inside a muslin cloth or a moisture-proof butter paper bag.

It should always be stored in a place that is free from moisture and heat, sunlight, and dampness as they can cause harm to your expensive Pashmina. The place where you store your precious Cashmere Pashmina scarves and shawls should not have any space for moths to enter or flourish. Clean any kind of food stains on your Pashmina before storing it. This will prevent moths from growing. Use anti-moth products to keep your Pashmina safe. Natural repellents such as pouches of cedar chips or sachets with cotton dipped in essential oils such as cedarwood or lavender can also be used. These will scent your closet too.

Always Keep your Pashmina neat and clean and beautiful.
Wearing delicate Cashmere Pashmina with any rough clothing, metal jewelry, or leather garment may cause pilling. Pilling is normal due to regular wear and the nature of the fiber. Pure Cashmere Pashmina tends to pill. These pills also known as lint balls are caused by friction and can easily be removed by picking up with hands. Brushing or rubbing your sensitive Pashmina shawls should be completely avoided. Electric lint rollers or fabric combs help pull out fuzzy lint balls caused due to friction.

Lastly, when in doubt always refer to the care label attached to your Cashmere Pashmina to ensure that you are cleaning it in the best possible way.

When you invest in Cashmere Pashmina, you know you are buying it for a lifetime and this investment will pamper you for years to come. It's the epitome of timeless fashion. It exudes class and elegance like no other textile, gets softer with each wash, and never grows old. Take good care of your Cashmere Pashmina and let it go through professional restoration once in few years to ensure that its warmth stays in your family for years. Pass on this exquisite piece of luxury to your next generation. They would surely treasure it.

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