Cashmere Pashmina - The "Soft Gold" of India

Gold is considered as the standard of highest quality in any field. A simple metal which became synonymous with purity and the very best that can be attained. It's no wonder that Cashmere Pashmina (also known as "Pashmina")  is known as the soft gold of India. A fabric which has been woven in the very soul of India by her skilled artisans over countless generations. A natural fabric which is the epitome of softness, elegance and class.

Pashmina scarves are not just scarves; they are collectibles and heirloom art pieces. They are an essential part of wardrobe of those who believe in timeless fashion and when it comes to Pashmina, you can't just have enough of them. Pashmina is versatile. Goes with anything - whether it's luxurious evening gown or casual wear or formal office wear.

Feel the softness of its fiber, the warmth of its comfort and fineness of its weave and anything less than Pashmina would seem like a compromise.

Just as soft gold plating (the highest quality of gold plating) has a certain coarseness about it which makes it pure and highly coveted, Pashmina also has an inherent raw tenderness about it which makes it even more desirable.

Own a Pashmina, own your style !

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