A Scarf, an Ascot, a Stole or a Shawl - Aren't they all same ?

What is the difference between a Scarf, an Ascot, a Stole and a Shawl ?

This is a very commonly asked question, even when you are not so new to the world of scarves and related accessories. At HeritageModa, to keep it simple we like to call all these sub-categories collectively as "Scarves". But that doesn't mean that these are all the same and can be used for the same purposes. So to understand these small differences, let's get to know what makes each of these scarf categories have a different name.

1. Scarf - So this is the most widely known term. Typically, scarves come in square as well as rectangular shapes. Commonly found dimensions for a square shape are 54 cm * 54 cm for a small scarf, 66 cm * 66 cm for a medium sized one and 90 cm * 90 cm for a bigger version. The square scarves are also known as foulards. Scarves are popularly made in Silk fabric but sometimes also in Chiffon.


2. Ascot - These are very narrow in width but can come in different lengths. The main purpose is to use this as a sort of knotted tie around the neck or you could even knot it around your hair or wrist. Generally found in the dimensions of 25 cm * 112 cm or a longer Ascot in 25 cm * 152 cm. Ascots are also made mainly in Silk but sometimes also in Chiffon or a mix of Silk and Chiffon.


3. Stole - Stoles are typically wider than the regular scarves. A stole is used as a a wrap around a woman's shoulders or arms and generally used with dresses for special occasions. However, given the generous dimensions these can also be styled in different ways e.g. tied around the neck with a casual wear too. The widely found stole dimension is 70 cm * 200 cm for those made with cotton, linen or wool. The ones made of of silk are also found in slightly narrower width e.g 43 cm * 180 cm, 54 cm * 180 cm etc. Stoles are known as "Stola"in Italian language.

4. Shawl - This is an even wider version of the stole. These are used as usually worn as accessories with dress or to slightly cover bare shoulders, while going for prayers or just to add one more layer of warmth during cold days. They typically come in 100 cm * 200 cm dimension and sometimes also adorned with embroidery. The shawls due to their generous dimensions and ease of use in winters are most commonly made of wool (e.g. Pashmina Cashmere, merino wool etc).


With this we hope you are well equipped to make your choices and buy different scarves for different occasions :)

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