12 Ways to Style Your Cashmere Pashmina Scarf

A Cashmere scarf has been a perennial fashion accessory for many decades. This versatile accessory can help you own your day-look as well as your evening look. A Cashmere scarf not only ties an outfit together but also keeps us warm and ready. In this blog article, we show twelve creative ways to wear a Cashmere scarf.

Style #1 - The Turban Look

Cashmere Scarf - Turban Look
You don’t need to have a bad hair day to wear a headscarf. Turban is one of the most popular headscarf wrapping styles. All you need is an oblong scarf to achieve this look.

Spread the scarf smoothly and wrap it around the top of the head.
Bind the scarf at the back of the head.

Style #2 - The Belt Look

Cashmere Scarf - The Belt Look
Drape an oversized or a blanket scarf across your shoulders and let the ends hang down in front. Team it with a turtle neck sweater and slim-fit jeans. Grab a thin leather belt and clinch it around your waist, securing the scarf in place.

Style #3 - Half Tied Wrap

Cashmere Scarf - Half Tied Wrap
Fold your scarf into a triangle, place it on your chest, keeping the ends behind. Now cross over the ends at the back of your neck and bring them in front and tie them in two knots. Complete this look with a long coat.

Style #4 - Pareo Wrap

Cashmere Scarf - Pareo Wrap
Style your long scarf like a pareo wrap. Make pleats on one side of the scarf with the help of your fingers. Place the pleated side over your left shoulder and secure it with a safety pin. Now bring the other side towards your right. Grab the pointy corner of the left side to form a cowl neck pattern. Do this on the other side as well to get the same cowl neck pattern at the back. Tie both the pointy ends into a knot above your right side. Finish the entire look with a stylish belt.

Style #5 - Head Cover

Cashmere Scarf  Head Cover
Warp your scarf around your forehead, keeping the ends behind. Now bring both the ends to the right side and start twisting them like a twisted braid. You can also secure both the lower ends with an elastic band.

Style #6 - Parisian Knot

Cashmere Scarf - Parisian Knot
Take your Cashmere scarf, fold it such that it becomes half in length and creates a loop on one side. Slide the ends through this loop and then pull a bit to tighten the knot.

Style #7 - Scarf Skirt Wrap

Cashmere Scarf - Skirt Wrap
Team your turtle neck with this scarf skirt wrap. Wrap the scarf around your waist and secure it with a front knot. Wear a pair of flannel leggings underneath.

Style #8 - The Classic loop

Cashmere Scarf - The Classic Loop
Place a rectangular scarf behind your neck and bring both ends to the front. Pull the loose ends through the loop. This easy-peasy style looks so good and classy!

Style #9 - The Shawl

Cashmere Scarf - The Shawl
This is probably the easiest way to wear. Just drape it around your shoulders and leave the ends hanging down in front.

Style #10 - Snake Loop

Cashmere Scarf - Snake Loop
Make a circular loop along the length of the scarf. Take both the hanging ends of the scarf and bring them inside and out. Keep repeating this 3 to 4 times.

Style #11 - Half Drape

Cashmere Scarf - Half Drape

This easy to drape, contemporary, and elegant style can spruce up your fashion game in a snap. Place your shawl on one side of your shoulder and secure it with a sleek belt. Try out this style with a mini dress and a pair of suede ankle-length boots to cut a dash.

Style #12 - Cape

Cashmere scarf - Cape
Grab the two ends of your scarf and tie them behind the nape of your neck in a way that the other two ends fall in front and create a loop at the back.

Now grab your favourite Cashmere scarf and drape it in one of the above ways to create a fresh look.

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